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Your Partner for industry and trade for more than 20 years

Customer Focus

Our long-standing experience in Food, Trading and Services qualifies us towards the customers and therefore will guarantee the highest possible quality and effective results

Our customers are in focus of attention. They decide what happens next.
We take care of transparency and proximity to our clients.

We consider individual requests and needs.

Product Requirements

Our products comply with the high quality and safety standards of our customers as well as needs of modern food logistics.

Guarantee by selected suppliers and corresponding certification of producer besides continuos quality assurance.

Offering Services

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Agency Business

Since 1995 we support international companies including fresh Foods, Delicacies & Convenience.

We use all the important distribution channels in Germany to seil our products.

Tapas Schinken


We offer you the help of finding a good place on the German market including a specialized module­based System. You will decide and establish the trend-setting decisions and extent of activities. Together we will find the most suitable solution for your business.

Madrid Schinken


We produce culinary specialities under our brand CANTINA SERRANO and other trademarks which are distributed national from our cool storage in Kempen.

We are able to deliver any product in each quality to any Location in Germany - just in time.

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